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What is this?

A script for exporting Adobe Illustrator artwork in the WPF/XAML format. The script is written in C#/.Net 2.0 using the Illustrator CS2 COM Type Library. Although it is treated as a script in Illustrator, it is also a stand-alone application.


Having the script in C#/.Net will make it easier to add support for exporting more Illustrator objects.
Here is the initial blog post that describes this tool.

Usage Instructions
  1. Download the file.
  2. Unzip the contents. Following files are contained in it: zip_files.png
  3. Run the Exporter.UI.exe
  4. Start Adobe Illustrator CS2 and load some illustrator artwork
  5. At this point you can go back to the Exporter and click on export_button.png button on the toolbar
  6. Once the operation completes you should see the XAML in the top part of the window and the preview at the bottom.
  7. The Exporter uses whatever artwork is currently active inside Illusrator. If you have made any changes to it or have switched to a different file, you can click on export_button.png button to re-export. The XAML and the preview will update accordingly.

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