Doesn't work with CS 4

first post: xmen wrote: I tried to add reference of the CS4 dll but its a aip file.

Active Project?

first post: cromwellryan wrote: This project no longer seems active. Is that the case?

latest post: CleverHuman wrote: Based on the number of replies you've got, I think you are right. ...

Vista and Illustrator CS3

first post: pentian wrote: Hi there, I would love to get this working with Illustrator CS3...

latest post: cromwellryan wrote: I actually posted out here:

Issue running on Vista/Illustrator

first post: KeithP wrote: One of our designers is having a problem getting this to work. I am...

latest post: pavanpodila wrote: I think it has to do with the installation of Illustrator. If insta...

Illustrator CS2 COM Type Library

first post: jaybuffet wrote: Where is this located ? Do I need to have Illustrator installed to...

latest post: pavanpodila wrote: Hi Jay, Yes the app expects Illustrator to be present. I will ...

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